What is Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is any dream in which you know that you are dreaming. It’s a profound tool for healing, self-discovery and can promote positive changes on many levels in waking life. Lucid dreaming is like a direct conversation with the unconscious and therefore can be used to access aspects of ourselves hidden from us in our wakeful state. Engaging in the practice of lucid dreaming can lead to greater awareness, higher levels of wakeful consciousness and self-realisation. The Tibetan Buddhist have utilised lucid dreaming in their Dream Yoga practice for centuries and view this as one of the 6 paths to enlightenment. Many ancient as well as Shamanic cultures have used conscious dreaming to explore the nature of reality, consciousness, the nature of the soul, life and death. In ancient Greece, Egypt, across the Middle East and throughout the Roman Empire, sleep and dream temples were built as centres of healing. Dream practices are at the heart of Shamanic healing traditions world-wide.

Our culture has to a large degree neglected the importance of dreaming and forgotten its real potential, but this is starting to change. Ludic dreaming is gaining respect in the scientific community as a tool for greater levels of happiness and psychological well-being. Globally, people are waking up and lucidly exploring their dream world; some for pure pleasure, some to seek emotional or physical healing and others to engage in a spiritual practice. Whatever you choose to explore in your lucid dreams you can guarantee you’ll discover more than you could have imagined.

Anyone can learn how to induce, sustain and utilise lucid dreaming…

There are techniques you can practice in waking life that will help you to either enter the dream state directly from a waking sate, or help you to realise your dreaming when you’re in a fully formed dream. To help you cook up the perfect lucid dream, check out my lucid dream recipe [link to lucid dream recipe blog article]. I run regular lucid dreaming workshops in London, including a monthly discussion group, which is a space where you can share experiences, struggles, successes and techniques. It’s helpful for those at any level of experience for inspiration, motivation, new ideas, camaraderie and support. For more information on upcoming workshops and groups click here

If you’d like to learn how to lucid dream one-to-one click here [link to one-one with an anchor at lucid dreaming]  for more details.

Why would you want to dream lucidly?

(If you’re not convinced already…)

The sensory experience of lucid dreaming can be real that you can rap you knuckles on an oak table and it will be as solid as any table in this reality. You can feel the grain of the wood and it will hurt just as much if you stub your toe on it in the dream state as it would in your waking state! This applies to everything…so if you decide to go flying over the Grand Canyon in a lucid dream it will feel just as real as if you sprouted wings and decided to make like an eagle and go soaring over the Canyon in ‘real life’!

Consciously flying and feeling the wind against your cheeks is magical enough, but the potential for pure, unadulterated pleasure is endless! It’s only limited by your imagination…you can gorge yourself on the finest Belgian truffle tort whilst on a diet, go on a little sight-seeing tour of the galaxy or you might want to experience what it’s like to go underwater diving without all the cumbersome equipment.

Lucid dreaming is also a wonderful way to accelerate your spiritual growth. The dream state is a direct interaction and communication with your subconscious self.  As your subconscious/higher-self is infinitely aware and connected to all that is, you are also able to utilise the dream state to explore energy, the mechanics of the universe, consciousness and the very nature of our existence.

You might want to ask questions like ‘what is my life-purpose?’, ‘show me my multidimensional nature?’, or ‘what is the meaning of life?’ (I asked a rock that question in a lucid dream once and got a very interesting response!!).

Lucid dreaming is an invaluable tool for:

Self-knowledge, healing, manifestation, spiritual learning, growth and conscious evolution…as well as…pure fun, joy and pleasure!!