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Breathing-into-Stillness-1Breathing into Stillness is a collection four different guided breathing meditations. They focus on the breath in different ways, to help make meditation as easy and beneficial as possible. The meditations last different lengths of time to help you fit them in with the rest of your life and have been selected and developed specifically to remedy the challenges of our modern, technology rich lives and easily distracted minds. They’re suitable for complete beginners as well as those who already meditate. Caroline McCready has been teaching and guiding meditational practices since 2011 and this is her second meditation album. The meditations are not attached to any one religion or belief system and open to everyone, you don’t have to prescribe to any particular belief system to practice, enjoy and benefit from them. The breath is a key point of focus, used within many meditative traditions and is one of the most powerful tools for present moment awareness and experiencing pure stillness.

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“Like her other two CDs, Caroline knows intuitively how to set just the right tone for sublime and perfect relaxation… Caroline’s voice is so gentle and soothing that you’ll feel relaxed within seconds….Caroline seems very down to earth and has just the right pace and calm voice to send you on a journey of quiet discovery. Excellent, and highly recommended!” Andrew (Amazon)

“I am someone who finds it hard to meditate regularly, although I know full well the benefits and sense of well-being that meditation brings, so I am very happy to find that these meditations are deeply effective…I suspect I will be using it a lot.” Amazon

“Becoming the Stillness Beneath, in which you pause between the breaths, as it quickly sent me deep meditative space that often takes me a lot longer to acheive with other forms of meditation…deeply calming and restorative.” Emma

“Great meditations promoting correct breathing with a view to being more at peace, calm and content. Great for anyone who is stressed, living with long-term health conditions or who just want to relax during or at the end of the day.” Nicola (Amazon)

“Convinced I was unable to meditate…I am delighted to discover I can meditate after all!” Margie

“This CD is absolutely amazing. I’ve had great trouble with my sleep for many many months due to nerve issues and swelling to my feet. I take medication for the nerve issues but still only managed a few hours of sleep a night and was constantly waking up – it was exhausting. I’d experienced basic meditation on a pain management group course and decided to try and find a CD that used breathing techniques, was not too complicated, with sessions not too long – on researching and reading reviews I found “Breathing into Stillness”.
Since using this cd I have had the best sleep as it’s made me settle down and relax. I regularly fall to sleep part way through a track still with my headphones on! It’s made a huge difference for me and I feel far better and look much brighter. I can’t recommend this CD highly enough.” Smile Lew (Amazon)

“This has made a massive difference to my life” (Amazon UK)

“I have been meditating and teaching mindfulness for several years and this is one of the best guided meditation cds. I found the varying lengths of the meditations very useful. Caroline’s voice is very soothing and I think this is a brilliant meditation cd for both beginners and the more experienced meditator. In a busy world this cd is an oasis of calm and very relaxing. I highly recommend it.” Barry (Amazon)


Earth Journey Meditation

Earth journey is a wonderfully soothing and calming meditation that gently transports you away from daily stresses, into a tranquil, peaceful state of relaxation by helping you connect with the beautiful natural world we live in.

The guided meditation is almost an hour long to give your body and mind the time and space to fully unwind.

Our bodies respond to visualised or imagined nature in much the same way as when we really are in nature. The relaxation response soothes our nervous system and we release restorative ‘feel-good’ hormones, which have a very real and healing effect on the body. So we reap many of the benefits we would from actually spending time in nature.

Earth Journey is the ultimate meditation for complete relaxation, suitable for everyone. Close your eyes and feel your stresses simply fade away as you connect with the wonders of nature and effortlessly experience the therapeutic benefits of deep relaxation and meditation.

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Also available on Amazon, iTunes and CDbaby.


“Can’t praise this CD enough, it’s so relaxing, takes me to my favourite places;sunshine,sea,nature. Her voice is very soothing and background music perfect. I can honestly say that after listening to this I am deeply relaxed. Having been battling anxiety for the past few months this has worked far better than any medication or therapies.” Tracy Moore (Amazon)

“This is absolutely wonderful. I can’t sum it up in words but you go through the day from dawn to night-time and you start off as ‘you’ but as the day progresses you work through nature in different ways (sometimes ‘you’ sometimes ‘water’ or a ‘cloud’ or whatever…The ‘story’ is quite varied and flows beautifully. Believe me it is impossible explain how well this is done on the cd in words. My description is probably just sounding silly. The narration helps you along wonderfully. The lady’s voice is calm and comforting. But you also have time to see things for yourself and develop the situation(s) in your own way. The music is long slow sonorous … a wonderful backing track…The music adds levity to it without overwhelming it. 50 minutes of bliss and yet it connects one with the ‘earth’ in a very special way too. W O N D E R F U L !!!” Awen (Amazon)

“Extremely beautiful and very powerful.” Caro

“Simply exquisite, can’t wait for the next beautiful journey.” River

“Caroline is simply a master at guided meditation.” Autumn

“Loved it so much…it’s so good it made me cry!…It’s truly meditationally mind blowing, so wonderful. I feel like I can sleep right now and it’s only 10pm (when it’s been 4am every other night for over a week). I absolutely love it, it’s superb and quite moving actually. I’m going to listen to it every night before I go to sleep. Just brilliant.” Emma

“Your CD’s were exactly what I was looking for [for my daughter who has autism] and I look forward to many hours of watching Alice relax and regulate herself. I will recommend your CD’s to my friends as they are so perfect. Thank you” Breda

“Having just started to learn about meditation and putting it into practice, I found this guided meditation utterly fantastic, from the very beginning I found myself totally absorbed in the scenes that were set and time slipped away as I listened. I went through the entire recording and at the end felt as though only 15 or so minutes had passed. This is a must buy for anyone interested in meditation techniques.” G Stamp (Amazon)

“Greatly assisting with my wonderful world of PTSD. I previously thought that meditation was just a sixties hippy thing or a Buddhist rite. I was so wrong, this is one of the things that is helping me get back to being me. I intend to purchase more of Ms Mcready’s good work. Highly recommended…” David (Amazon)

“Brilliant Meditation CD Caroline McCready has a wonderful soothing voice.. Worth Every Penny” Wolfy Smith (Amazon)


Simple, soothing music, perfect for meditation, with slow, soft instruments and tibetan bowls.

Music for Meditation helps you to unwind, de-stress, and relax whilst increasing concentration and focus. It’s the perfect backdrop for Yoga, Chi Gong, Relaxation and any form of Meditation. The music is simple and soothing, to help you effortlessly experience profoundly peaceful states of mind. Allow the soft and gentle music to calm your mind and experience effortless peace and stillness.


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“Absolutely perfect music for meditation! This CD has three tracks of such relaxing music that it’s almost guaranteed to ease you into a calm state of mind within seconds. Unlike some other so-called ‘relaxation music’ this CD has no sudden changes of volume, annoying jingling or intrusive drumbeats to set your nerves on edge. If you want sublime background relaxation music, whether to send you to sleep or to practise any form of meditation, this music will not disappoint! I have all three of Caroline’s CDs and I’m delighted with them all. She knows intuitively how to create just the right ambiance. I can thoroughly recommend it!” – Andrew (Amazon)

“Soothing, gentle tracks. Hard to find gentle non irritating back ground meditation music. This is just what I was looking for and it’s really good. All her Cds are great. I have all of them and
not disappointed.” – Graham (Amazon)

“I use this CD for actual mindfulness/meditation sessions and it hits exactly the right note…. it’s absolutely on the money and facilitates a very deep relaxation in my meditation clients” Julie (Amazon)


Ocean Waves includes breathing techniques and soothing, relaxing guidance, to help you to follow your breath into an effortless, calm inner-stillness. Easily still your mind, unwind, deeply rest and restore. Simple and easy to follow. The meditation doesn’t require any ability to visualise.

      • Perfect for any level of experience and suitable for everyone.

          • The meditations are not attached to any one religion or belief system and open to everyone, you don’t have to prescribe to any particular belief system to practice, enjoy and benefit from them.


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Also available on Amazon, iTunes and CDbaby.


I own two other meditation CD’s by Caroline McCready and this one (like the other two!) are well worth the purchase!
Caroline has a wonderful soothing voice and that alongside the sound of the ocean and the calm music on background is a perfect match to unwind and meditate whether you’re beginning with meditation or not.

These days there are thousands of CD’s and meditation video’s ect.. available. So why would you get this one?
Caroline McCready is your go to person if your looking for:

1) background music that is not overpowering or “too busy”
2) calm, soothing, beautiful voice – she guides you without being too present. Other mediations that I’ve tried: the person was either talking too much, too fast (or both…)…
What I especially love is that at some point Caroline will “give you some time alone to meditate”… and then a few minutes she doesn’t speak. When she “returns” to mark the end of the mediation, she does that in such a natural calm way.
3) different lengths of meditations to choose from .
4) beautiful ocean sound:s calm waves, no seagulls etc…

I highly recommend all of her work! – Linda (Amazon)




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