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Earth Journey MeditationEarth Journey is a deeply relaxing extended guided meditation designed to help you find balance, stillness and connection. The meditation takes you through a day on Earth, first connecting with the sunrise, then blissfully floating in gently rippling water, becoming a single little droplet floating through the water before becoming part of a could and eventually falling into a forest. The forest leads to a deep connection and feelings of oneness; your journey ends after the sunset and night has fallen, directing your focus to your breath and connecting with the beautiful starlit sky. The combination of the uniquely soothing filmic music, breathing, vocal guidance and spaces between give you the opportunity to find clear headspace and connect to a deeper part of yourself.

The meditation stretches over an extended period of almost an hour to give you the time and space to fully unwind. Whether you’re a beginner or regular meditator, you will benefit from the meditative spaces that can occur when you put everything else on hold for long enough to sink into deep relaxation. Even if you feel like you normally struggle with visualization, the music and vocal help you to connect with a beautifully vivid and visceral experience.

At least 5% of profits go to charitable causes, including replanting trees in the Amazon rainforest and childrens hospice charities.

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“Can’t praise this CD enough, it’s so relaxing, takes me to my favourite places;sunshine,sea,nature. Her voice is very soothing and background music perfect. I can honestly say that after listening to this I am deeply relaxed. Having been battling anxiety for the past few months this has worked far better than any medication or therapies.” Tracy Moore (Amazon)

“ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS, really original, felt so safe, and loved and cared for. Will do it every day if I can.” Christina

“This is absolutely wonderful. I can’t sum it up in words but you go through the day from dawn to night-time and you start off as ‘you’ but as the day progresses you work through nature in different ways (sometimes ‘you’ sometimes ‘water’ or a ‘cloud’ or whatever. Later you sit by a tree and then grow branches and then go into the earth. The ‘story’ is quite varied and flows beautifully. Believe me it is impossible explain how well this is done on the cd in words. My description is probably just sounding silly. The narration helps you along wonderfully. The lady’s voice is calm and comforting. But you also have time to see things for yourself and develop the situation(s) in your own way. The music is long slow sonorous chords (string/choral). They are a wonderful backing track. Sounds like ‘ah’ which is a very profound sound. The music adds levity to it without overwhelming it. 50 minutes of bliss and yet it connects one with the ‘earth’ in a very special way too. W O N D E R F U L !!!” Awen (Amazon)

“Extremely beautiful and very powerful.” Caro

“Simply exquisite, can’t wait for the next beautiful journey.” River

“Caroline is simply a master at guided meditation.” Autumn

“Loved it so much…it’s so good it made me cry!…It’s truly meditationally mind blowing, so wonderful. I feel like I can sleep right now and it’s only 10pm (when it’s been 4am every other night for over a week). I absolutely love it, it’s superb and quite moving actually. I’m going to listen to it every night before I go to sleep. Just brilliant.” Emma

“Brilliant Meditation CD Caroline McCready has a wonderful soothing voice.. Worth Every Penny” Wolfy Smith (Amazon)



Breathing into Stillness is a collection four different guided breathing meditations. They focus on the breath in different ways, to help make meditation as easy, enjoyable and beneficial as possible. The meditations last different lengths of time to help you fit them in with the rest of your life and have been selected and developed specifically to remedy the challenges of our modern, technology rich lives and easily distracted minds. They’re suitable for complete beginners as well as those who already meditate. Caroline McCready has been teaching and guiding meditational practices since 2011 and this is her second meditation album. The meditations are not attached to any one religion or belief system and open to everyone, you don’t have to prescribe to any particular belief system to practice, enjoy and benefit from them. The breath is a key point of focus, used within many meditative traditions and is one of the most powerful tools for present moment awareness and experiencing pure stillness.

At least 5% of profits go to charitable causes, including replanting trees in the Amazon rainforest and childrens hospice charities.

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Also available on Amazon, iTunes and CDbaby.



“I am someone who finds it hard to meditate regularly, although I know full well the benefits and sense of well-being that meditation brings, so I am very happy to find that these meditations are deeply effective. They guide you into a place of peacefulness and the sound of the woman’s voice instils a sense of deep calm. The seven minute meditation is especially helpful as I don’t always find it easy to give myself a lot of time for meditation; I suspect I will be using it a lot.” Amazon

“I particularly loved Caroline McCready’s other album Earth Journey, and find this just a good but in a way that makes it more easily integrated into a busy day. Having said that I will now always try and make time to listen to the longer track, Becoming the Stillness Beneath, in which you pause between the breaths, as it quickly sent me deep meditative space that often takes me a lot longer to acheive with other forms of meditation. It’s a very clean and simple audio, unlike a lot of meditations which can have weird and distracting new age sound samples. This I didn’t find this new agey at all, just deeply calming and restorative.” Emma Louise Boulding

“Caroline’s voice is beautiful and soothing. I highly recommend this album for anyone who wants to unwind and de stress from daily life. A must for the everyday!” Amazon

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